ChemAccess- Leading provider of fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, reference standards and impurity markers to many industries.

We have a wide selection of Fine and Specialty Chemicals and we guarantee the quality of all our supplied products. ChemAccesscan supply most compounds in sizes ranging from milligram to ton quantities and we are unique in maintaining the same source of supply from R&D through to commercialization - so you get guaranteed consistency and continuity of supply.

For materials not commercially available, ChemAccessis ready to discuss how we can perform a timely and efficient Custom Synthesis to meet your requirements. We can synthesize or scale-up using your methodology, or our own proven skills and experience.

Fine Chemicals: Our Fine Chemicals catalogue includes Chiral building blocks, Natural/Unnatural amino acids, Peptide coupling agents, Acetophenones, Anilines, Aromatics, Benzaldehydes, Benzoic Acids, Benzyl Amines, Boronic Acids, Fluorinated Intermediates, Heterocyclic Compounds, Imidazoles, Indoles, Nitriles, Pyridines, Quinolines and many more compounds added every day. View Catalogue

API Impurity markers/Reference standards:We offer competitive quotes for Impurity markers/Reference standards of several APIs listed in this section. A full characterization report or the Certificate of Analysis (COA) will be issued for every compound from ChemAccess.View Catalogue

Natural Products:We offer a range of Natural Products, including Piperlongumine, Conessine, Sumaresinolic acid, Picrotoxin, Harmine, Harmaline, Harmaline, Harmol, Harmalol and many more. These products are obtained either through synthesis or extraction. Many items are available both as standards and also in bulk quantities upon request. View Catalogue

API Intermediates:We offer a range of intermediates for the many API which includes Dalfampridine, Vilazodone, Rivaroxaban, Ezetimibe, Tamsulosin, Saxagliptin, Miglitol, Voglibose, Frovatriptan, Lacosamide, Apixaban and many more. View Catalogue

We are committed to keeping our products in stock. If you can't find a desired compound, please send us an inquiry. We add new products (see the recent additions below) daily. Please don't hesitate to contact us about your needs, we will be more than happy to help your sourcing needs.